Peking University for International Students: What to Expect?

This is A World-Class Education

In Beijing, surrounded by its ancient past, you will find Peking University, regarded as one of the foremost universities of all of China. With a reputation for a demanding academic atmosphere set in a gorgeous campus, it hosts a significant portion of the international student population every year. Read more about what international students can anticipate when they go to Peking University.

Excellence in All Academic Areas

Peking University has programs in sciences, humanities, social sciences and business. From among the plethora of English-taught programs, international students are given numerous options after their academic requirements and interest of the student. For example, the Guanghua School of Management is well-recognized in its MBA program that had a stable top ranking in international lists.

Integrate with Like-Minded Culture and Language Opportunities

Here are the 4 primary draws of international student life at Peking University, and how you may benefit from them. The university provides a full-scale Mandarin language program for nearly all proficiency levels. Apart from that, there are many societies and clubs such as drama society, cultural clubs, etc., to help these students better get into the life of the campus area and the Chinese culture across China.

Cutting-Edge Facilities and Resources

Peking University has state-of-the-art facilities such as top-notch libraries, research centers, and laboratories. The only library system is one of the largest academic libraries of Asia with over 8 million volumes. Students can explore a rich learning and research environment, with access to state-of-the-art technology and resources.

Accommodation and Campus Life

The Zhongguanyuan Global Village at Peking University, where international students are generally housed, features comfortable accommodations with all the essential amenities. Meanwhile, the campus features traditional Chinese-style buildings and modern architectures in harmony, creating an intriguing atmosphere. Beijing is an exceptional setting for the university, giving students a myriad of cultural, historical and recreational activities.

Support Services

International Students Office of the university that provide needed support services from assistance with visa processing to academic guidance and counseling services. This insures that international students get support in their academics and personal life while studying in another country.

Jobs and Networking

Career development: it has a wealth of alumni resources, and is also associated with industries of various fields. The network has many hiring opportunities for interns and jobs, which is an asset for students to kick start their career before even graduating.

Another key advantage White found in the UCLA-Peking University program was that the students benefitted from the access to an expert global alumni network via Peking University.


Getting into Peking University as an international is to step in a world with immense learning resources, cultural exposure and huge networking opportunities. Easily adapted to meet the demands of a globalised economy, the university provides its students with not only a full spectrum of cultural diversity that underpins the vibrancy of its academic arena, but also a rigorous curriculum that prepares students for the challenges that await them at the global level. For a detailed look at the perks available to its international students, see this guide to peking university international students.

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